Lifesmart massage chair is the one of the Premium brand in the field of massage chair. This brand not only provides the best product but also a long lasting products . Let’s More Discuss about this Lifesmart Massage Chair review. Here we have reviewed all 3 models of Lifesmart massage chair for you so that you can choose best purchase.

Lifesmart Massage Chair Review: Comparing Lifesmart 2D Vs 3D Vs 4D Massage Chair

Lifesmart 2D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Top Features:

  • 30 Total Airbags 
  • 8 stationary back massage rollers
  • 3 auto pre-programmed 15-minute massage modes
  • Heating element on back 
  • This smart massage chair has a total of 30 airbags that gives the best body massage experience to your overall body. This is the most recent and brand new product of the Lifesmart manufacturers.
  • It has 3 demo modes that work well and provides massage for a refresh, stretches, relaxation, etc. All three demo modes include massage from your neck to your legs so that you will customize massage of your type more effectively.
  • Note that these demo modes are for 15 minutes only. Thus you need to customize your massage for longer sessions. You can set or change these massaging modes with the help of a manual setting which operable with the help of your remote.
  • Refresh massage mode helps you awaken fully after deep sleep. It will also prepare your mind for an important meeting by awaking your mind.
  • Stretch mode relaxes your body, also warms up your body quickly for heavy workout sessions. Moreover, it will also release stress and fatigue from the body to improve your performance.
  • This massager provides you different massage modes like shiatsu, kneading, rhythmic air compression, heating, or a combination of these massages. Moreover, it has 8 rollers that are capable of giving shiatsu and kneading massage at the same time.
  • The Bluetooth speakers take your massaging experience to the next level.
  • In addition to that this massage chair provides you true zero gravity massage, a 2D massage experience, 30 airbags, LCD remote control, etc.
  • This massage chair is available in the market for $1499.

What We Like

  1. All the recent features and functions are available.
  2. 3D and 4D massage options are available for this product.

What We Dislike

  1. As the product is new to the market customer reviews and customer service yet to be known.
  2. The auto body scan is not available.

Top Features:

  • 34 Total Airbags 
  • Auto Detects Function
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Digital LCD Remote Control
  • This massage chair has many advanced features which are absent in the 2D massager. The reason is this massage chair has advance 3D technology where some of the extra features raise massaging experience to the next level.
  • Those extra features are Auto body scan for setting massage type, more number of airbags for massaging neglected body parts, tablet controller for effortless massage, L tracker for deeper and compete for massage experience, etc.
  • Auto body scan feature of this smart massager scans the overall body. Thereby detect pain points in the body and set the roller position accordingly. This feature makes the 3D massage chair unique in its way.
  • Additional airbags are present in the case of this 3d life smart massager at the foot region. Overall it has 4 shoulder airbags, 8 arm airbags, 4 waist airbags, 8 leg airbags, 10 feet airbags, etc. Thus it assures an overall massaging experience to your overall body.
  • More it comes with a 36” l tracker which extends from your neck to your back thereby conforms deep massage to your spinal cord. Because of 3D technology rollers of the l-tracker able to extend deeper into the tissues to release the pain more efficiently.
  • In addition to that, it has zero gravity massage, space-saving wall connection technology, five manually changeable massaging techniques, heating therapy at a lower backbone, wireless built-in Bluetooth technology, six built-in massage therapy, etc. which maximizes comfort and provides next-level massaging experience.
  • This massage chair is available in the market for $1599 only.

What We Like

  1. All 3D technology features are working up to the mark with the most recent updates.
  2. The carbon heating element helps in quick heating as well as a cool down.
  3. The footrest is extendable beyond 6.5 inches thus perfect for almost every size.

What We Dislike

  1. As the product is new to the market customer review and market reactions are not known to make a final decision.
  2. The auto body scan is not available.

Top Features:

  • 58 Total Airbags 
  • Zero Space Design Slides
  • Body Shape Scanning
  • Electric Extendable Footrest 
  • This massage chair has 44 airbags that give the most comfortable air compression massage. All those 44 airbags work excellently to relieve pain and improves blood circulation from the body.
  • Moreover, it has 12 automatic demo massages with 5 different modes of the massages. If you want to experience every function of the massage then you must try all these 12 auto programmed massages.
  • In addition to that extra foot, rollers are provided at the bottom portion of the sole for instant pain relief. These rollers provide rolling and kneading massage separately and simultaneously as per your requirement.
  • To take the massaging experience to the next level and relieve mental stress LED mood lightning is present. You can enjoy different shades of lightning as per your mood or requirement.
  • You can also use a quick start dial on the arm
  • The SL track technology senses every sharp curve on your back to give the most appropriate massage. The L tracker extends from the lower back up to the gluts to massage them after long-duration sittings. This improves the flexibility of pelvic muscles. More importantly, stiffness of the muscles at the pelvic girdle is the main reason for back pain. Thus if you are suffering from such pain then this technology will be going to be very useful for you.
  • In addition to that, it has an LED controller table for changing between the various modes of the massage, built-in wireless easily accessible Bluetooth, extendable footrest up to six and a half feet, true zero gravity massage for improving sleep quality and excellent relaxation, heating therapy to the back, etc.
  • Moreover, this massager has advanced features like a built-in air ionizer. This feature causes the blowing of ionized air on the face of the user to evaporate sweet and give a more relaxing experience.
  • This massager is available in the market for $2999 only.

What We Like

  1. It has the most attractive and fully informative display which is situated right in front of the user’s eyes. Moreover LED mood light takes massaging experience to the next level.
  2. This massager has the best quality and soft fibre cushioning at the base.

What We Dislike

  1. This massager is not affordable for everyone. However, it is the best quality product for long-term use.
  2. You cannot charge these massage chairs as they require high storage batteries for their functioning.

Conclusion Of Lifesmart Massage Chair Review

Lifesmart provides you lifestyle that you ever want to live, Your daily busy activities & hectic life makes you tired. You always need a effective massage to make you feel refreshing & lifesmart is the best for you. It works amazing & we recommend you to have it at your home.

FAQ's of Lifesmart Massage Chair Review

Is it comfortable to sit on Lifesmart massage chair?

Yes, Lifesmart massage chair have amazing build quality & cushioning fabric that provides you comfortable sitting. 

Is Lifesmart good brand?

Lifesmart is well know for their good quality products & newest technology mechanism. we surely recommend you to use this.

Does Lifesmart massage chair have air bags?

Yes, Lifesmart massage chair using air bags pressure massage technology to provide best full body massage.